Who we are

Who are we ?

BEaCHILD is the Breitz Research and Innovation Center for Child Development and Rehabilitation


Hosted by the Laboratory of Medical Information Processing  (LaTIM, INSERM) in Brest, BEaCHILD brings together the CHRU of Brest, IMT Atlantique, ILDYS Foundation and the University of Western Brittany.

Born from a strong will to advance research with the support of local, national, European and international networks, BEaCHILD is the first French scientific interest consortium focused on pediatric rehabilitation.

BEaCHILD brings together a multidisciplinary team of researchers (engineers, physiotherapist, medical doctors, occupational therapists, psychologists, etc.) whose aim is to understand and improve children’s motor skills in order to increase their autonomy and social participation. The team works in close proximity with families and children with disabilities in Brittany, France and Europe.



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