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Rodolphe Bailly, PT-PhD

Dr. Rodolphe Bailly is a physical therapist and researcher with the ILDYS Foundation. His experience as a physical therapist has convinced him of the importance of including the child and his family at all stages of the rehabilitation process. In his practice as a researcher, he explores children’s motor learning processes by analyzing the variables that allow them to learn better in order to gain autonomy. He implements these observations during intensive therapy camps for autonomy (HABIT-ILE).

Sylvain Brochard, MD-PhD

Prof. Sylvain Brochard is BEaCHILD’s Scientific Director. Professor of Pediatric Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) at the University of Western Brittany, at Brest University Hospital and at the ILDYS Foundation, he is convinced of the partnership with families and of the strength of multidisciplinarity for the development of research with and for children with disabilities and their families.

Aurélie Bucaille, PhD

Doctor in child neuropsychology, Aurélie Bucaille worked for 12 years as a neuropsychologist at the University Hospital of Rennes and then at the University Hospital of Brest. After 12 years of practice mainly dedicated to the identification and diagnosis of children with specific needs, she joined BEaCHILD in order to reinforce the research team. Involved in the Kaligo+ project, she uses her experience to develop this tool dedicated to the management of writing disorders in children and adolescents.

Gwenaël Cornec, MD

Attending Physician in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM). (Chef de Clinique Universitaire)

Amandine Dubois, PhD

Dr. Amandine Dubois is a lecturer in Developmental Psychology at the Laboratory of Psychology: Cognition, Behavior, Communication (LP3C). She is particularly interested in studying the perception of pain in children living with a disability. In particular, she led the Dis-Handi project studying the perception of pain induced by everyday gestures in children living with a motor disability.

Laëtitia Houx, MD-PhD

Dr. Laëtitia Houx is a medical doctor in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and also holds a PhD. She is specialized in pediatric rehabilitation, more specifically in the field of cerebral palsy, with a particular focus on the evaluation of movement and the use of botulinum toxin techniques. She is a member of the board of directors of the French-speaking Society of Studies and Research on Childhood Disabilities (SFERHE) and a member of the French Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation SOFMER.

Mathieu Lempereur, PhD

Dr. Mathieu Lempereur is a hospital engineer and head of the motion analysis laboratory. He completed a PhD in biomechanics on the simulation of the entry movement in a vehicle at the Laboratory of Automation, Mechanics, Industrial and Human Computing of the University of Valenciennes. Since 2006, in parallel to his clinical activities, he is a member of the Laboratory of Medical Information Processing (LaTIM INSERM U1101) as a researcher.

Johanne Mensah, MD-PhD

Dr. Johanne Mensah is an intern in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) with a double degree in engineering and medicine. She holds PhD in biomechanics and is interested in innovation development for people with disabilities.

Guillaume Morel, PhD

Dr Guillaume Morel has an engineering background and holds a PhD in science. He is currently a post-doctoral fellow at IMT Atlantique and works on a research project on the development of new algorithms in artificial intelligence.

Christelle Pons, MD-PhD

Dr. Christelle Pons is a pediatric Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) physician and researcher at the ILDYS Foundation and at the Center of Neuromuscular Diseases (CRMN) of the CHRU of Brest. In her clinical and research activities, she works to promote physical activity for children with chronic conditions. She also works to improve participation and facilitate the daily life of these children. In her research and innovation projects, she tries to implement a co-construction approach with the children and their families as well as the professionals around them.

Juliette Ropars, MD-PhD

Senior Lecturer – Attending Physician (PU-PH) – Neuropediatrician.

François Rousseau, PhD

Prof. François Rousseau is a professor at IMT Atlantique, Brest Campus. He holds a chair in artificial intelligence for the study of cerebral palsy. He shares BEaCHILD’s enthusiasm for multidisciplinarity in the development of research on childhood disability.

engineers & technicians

Benjamin Fouquet

Research Engineer, Benjamin Fouquet develops artificial intelligence methods to analyze medical images (MRIs).

coordination & management

Delphine Gaudin-Drouelle, MD

Dr. Delphine Gaudin-Drouelle is the Facilitator of the partnership with families in pediatric research’ within BEaCHILD. She is a pediatrician, researcher and parent of a child with a neurodevelopmental disorder. She joined the team with the mission to facilitate the partnership between families and researchers. In order for research to be more focused on the needs of children and families, the involvement of families in research is a priority for BEaCHILD.

Emmanuelle Fily

Trained as an occupational therapist, Emmanuelle Fily is in charge of the coordination for the Inter-hospital and university federation of pediatric SSR in Western Brittany (Frisbee). Within this framework, Emmanuelle Fily works in close interaction with BEaCHILD’s scientists in order to promote interactions between care, research and teaching, and to federate a multidisciplinary network of health professionals around research projects carried out by BEaCHILD’s members. Within the framework of a Master’s degree in Research, Project Management, Professional Practices in Occupational Therapy at the University of Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC), she is conducting a scientific study (PITCh REHAB project) in strong partnership with families of children with disabilities, focusing on the identification of key elements that will guide the design of pediatric rehabilitation innovative tools, so that they better meet the needs of families.

Julie Schmit

Julie Schmit holds a Master’s degree in Health Promotion and Prevention from EHESP and is the coordinator of the patient-healthcare professional partnership at the University of Western Brittany. In this context, she coordinates the DIU “Building the partnership between patients and health professionals“. Julie Schmit regularly brings her expertise in patient-healthcare professionals partnership to BEaCHILD researchers, and actively participates in the development and implementation of the partnership with children with disabilities in research and care.

graduate students

Sandra Bouvier, PT

Physiotherapist since 2012, Sandra Bouvier also holds a Master’s degree in medical bioengineering (BME Paris Descartes & Paris tech). It is during one of her internship in 2018, about children with cerebral palsy learning of walk, that she joined BEaCHILD’s team. Since May 2019, she has been pursuing a PhD on the CAP project, which evaluates the effect of HABIT-ILE therapy on the upper and lower limb biomechanics of preschool children with cerebral palsy. Using movement analysis and actimetry, she is trying to measure and understand the impact of innovative therapies on the movement of these children. She participates in other research projects of the team such as the ECHO project and is part of the HABIT-ILE camps supervision team.

Fun fact: Sandra may look wise and studious in front of her computer, but beware during the HABIT-ILE camps period and around children, she might turn into a pirate or an animal of any kind.

Marine Cacioppo, MD

Marine is a medical doctor in pediatric Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (PRM) and a PhD student, practicing in the pediatric rehabilitation services of the CHRU in Brest and the ILDYS Foundation since 2019. She was trained in different pediatric rehabilitation services (Rennes University Hospital, Kerpape Center (CMMRF) and ILDYS Foundation in Brest). During her medical internship, she completed a University Degree on movement and gait analysis validated in 2018 as well as a Master’s degree in 2019, in partnership with the Mouvement Sport Santé laboratory in Rennes. She has worked on many research projects in the field of childhood disability (movement analysis, effect of lockdown for children with motor disabilities and their families, scoliosis in spinal dysraphism, care-induced pain, etc…). Her favorite research area is the analysis of upper limb movement in children with motor impairment and more specifically the evaluation of bimanual performance.

Fun fact: Her journey brings her closer and closer to the tip of Brittany and from the ocea… How far west will she go?

Yue Cheng

Trained as an engineer, Yue Cheng is a PhD student at the LaTIM. Her PhD project focuses on dynamic MRI analysis and detection of bone abnormalities in the ankle of children living with cerebral palsy. Her research project focuses on the development of a method of segmentation, analysis and comparison of the shape of the ankle bones, revealing a deformation of the talus in children living with cerebral palsy. This project allows to better understand CP pathophysiology, to propose a reference for clinical decision making and thus to improve and personalize rehabilitation protocols for patients.

Nathan Decaux

Nathan Decaux graduated in Learning, Information Technology and Health Engineering from IMT Atlantique in 2020 and is a PhD student at the LaTIM. His PhD project focuses on the development and evaluation of an interactive muscle segmentation method based on pediatric MRI images of the shoulder. An intelligent tool that will allow health professionals to save time and gain considerable precision in the analysis of pediatric MRIs and their comparison before and after therapy.

Zakaria Jarraya

Trained as an engineer, Zakaria Jarraya is a PhD student at the LaTIM.

Anne Kerachni

Graduated with an engineering degree from Ecole Centrale de Lyon since 2015, Anne Kerachni is a PhD student at LaTIM.

Zhengyang Lan

Graduated from IMT Nord Europe and holder of a Master’s degree in Data Science since 2021, Zhengyang Lan is a PhD student at LaTIM.

Emma Lhermitte

Emma Lhermitte graduated from Polytech Angers in 2022 with an engineering degree in automated systems and computer engineering. She is a PhD student in the LaTIM. Her PhD project focuses on the evaluation of morpho-structural changes of the brain in children aged 1 to 4 years according to the type of motor therapy proposed, and to study a potential correlation between brain morphological variations and motor function of the subjects before and after an intensive HABIT-ILE therapy camp. This thesis project is part of the CAP project carried out by a European consortium and funded by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

Chloé Mercier

Chloé Mercier holds an engineering degree in Computer Science for Health from the Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Rennes 1 (ESIR) since 2021. Her thesis project focuses on the high resolution reconstruction of MRI data for the study of brain development. It consists in improving the quality and resolution of MRI images of fetal brains. The interest is to be able to exploit these images for the study of brain development and for the diagnosis of brain pathologies.

Sarah Reynaud

Graduated with an engineering degree since 2021, Sarah Reynaud is a PhD student at the LaTIM.

Claire Scavinner-Dorval

Claire Scavinner-Dorval holds a diploma in Image Vision Engineering from the Télécom Saint-Etienne engineering school and a Master’s degree in Advanced Imaging from the Jean Monnet Saint-Etienne University since 2020. She is now a PhD student in LaTIM.

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